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Belkin Chef Stand and Stylus for iPad Belkin Chef Stand and Stylus for iPad(0)

Belkin has released a Chef Stand and Stylus for the iPad to help you use your tablet while cooking.

Designed with Home Chefs in Mind
Made especially for use in the kitchen, the Chef Stand + Stylus gives you the freedom to interact with your tablet while you cook – without worrying about touching your device with messy hands. The case-compatible stand has a non-slip rubber base and two different angles that are ideal for countertop use.

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AT&T and T-Mobile Withdraw Pending FCC Applications AT&T and T-Mobile Withdraw Pending FCC Applications(0)

Facing a proposed hearing for their FCC applications to assign or transfer control of licenses, AT&T and T-Mobile have withdrawn their pending applications.

On Nov. 22, 2011, the Federal Communications Commission indicated a proposed order was circulating that would designate for hearing the applications of AT&T Inc. and Deutsche Telekom AG For Consent To Assign or Transfer Control of Licenses and Authorizations, WT Docket No. 11-65. On November 23, 2011, AT&T Inc. and Deutsche Telekom AG electronically withdrew without prejudice, as of that date, the pending applications listed in the Public Notice released by the Federal Communications Commission on April 28, 2011 in that proceeding. Associated manual notification of withdrawal filings also are being made.

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TASCAM iM2 Stereo Microphone for iPhone, iPod, & iPad TASCAM iM2 Stereo Microphone for iPhone, iPod, & iPad(0)

TASCAM today introduced a pocket sized iM2 stereo mic for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

TASCAM’s iM2 turns the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch into a high-quality stereo recorder. A pair of condenser microphones – same high quality as TASCAM’s best-selling DR-series recorders – plugs into the dock connector of your Apple device. The microphones are adjustable over 180 degrees for optimal sound placement. The iM2 contains its own microphone preamp and analog-to-digital converter for low noise and premium audio quality. Unlike mics that use the built-in iPhone preamp, the iM2 can handle up to 125dB SPL sounds for the loudest concerts and instruments.

Read More New iPad App New iPad App(0) has released a updated version of their iOS application that adds iPad support. allows you to track, budget and manage your money all in one place, so you can see where you’re spending and where you can save. Open an account, add your bank, credit, loan and retirement accounts and Mint will automatically pull in and categorize your transactions. It’s safe, secure and easy to keep your personal finances organized.
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WinterBoard Updated for iOS 5 WinterBoard Updated for iOS 5(0)

Saurik has updated WinterBoard to be compatible with iOS 5.

WinterBoard provides hooks that let graphics artists safely and simply theme almost anything in Apple’s OS, including third party software downloaded from App Store. Multiple theme packages can be installed at once using the configuration interface: simply drag themes into a priority order.

WinterBoard was designed to accept SummerBoard themes without modification but is much more powerful than its predecessor and can theme almost any graphic on the system. You can even easily modify .artwork files without having to hack their contents, all from the safety of your theme folder.
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MobileMount Suction Cup Mount for the iPhone/iPad MobileMount Suction Cup Mount for the iPhone/iPad(0)

The MobileMount is a universal mount/kickstand for virtually any hand held device with a flat surface, including the iPhone and iPad.

Designed by JR Sanchez, the mount is comprised of two twist-to-lock suction cups and one ball joint which allows for superior suction and durability.

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Sony Hacked Once More, 1 Million Passwords, 3.5 Million Music Coupons Compromised Sony Hacked Once More, 1 Million Passwords, 3.5 Million Music Coupons Compromised(0)

A hacking group called LulzSec has announced yet another successful attack on Sony, this time breaching Sony Pictures and compromising 1 million passwords, 75,000 “music codes” and 3.5 million “music coupons”.

Here’s their statement on the attack:

Greetings folks. We’re LulzSec, and welcome to Sownage. Enclosed you will
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