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Caffe Macs Web App Located, Removed Caffe Macs Web App Located, Removed(0)

While web app development for the iPhone has been mortally wounded by the launch of the App Store, it still has a home at Apple. It was discovered recently that they have a web app for Apple employees to view what’s on the menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner each day at the main fuel source of Apple employees, Caffè Macs. Not surprisingly,

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Google Rolls Out Updated Gmail and Calendar for iPhone Google Rolls Out Updated Gmail and Calendar for iPhone(0)

Today Google rolled out a major update for both Gmail and Calendar for iPhone. The most obvious improvements lie in the new Gmail and Calendar interface. Labels are much more visible, search is easier to get to, and a new floating menu appears when performing batch tasks. All of the improvements stem from the updated engine which is significantly faster and more powerful. In addition to interface tweaks, the new engine also improves the speed of Gmail mobile and even allows you to compose a message even when cell service drops out.

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Google Removes iPhone-Optomized iGoogle Page Google Removes iPhone-Optomized iGoogle Page(0)

Roughly a year ago Google created an iPhone-optomized version of their iGoogle homepage for easier and more pleasant viewing on an iPhone. Unfortunately, for reasons they haven’t disclosed, they have reverted it back to their standard web interfaces for mobile devices, going back to a stripped-down low-bandwidth version. We don’t know why they did it, but we’re sorry to see it go.

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Safari+ Bookmarklets For Mobile Safari Let You Search Text, Translate, More Safari+ Bookmarklets For Mobile Safari Let You Search Text, Translate, More(0)

A new tool has been released for your iPhone and iPod Touch that use bookmarklets to add the same kind of functionality you can get with a desktop browser. Safari+ bookmarklets use specialized JavaScript (much like Pastebud, Instapaper and iPastelet) bookmarklets that let you do things like open a link in a new window, translate between languages, speed-scrolling, and more.

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Walmart Launches iPhone Website For Making Shopping Lists, Locating Stores Walmart Launches iPhone Website For Making Shopping Lists, Locating Stores(0)

Walmart has launched a new version of their website that has been formatted to fit the iPhone’s screen. Now when you visit on your iPhone or iPod touch, you’ll be redirected to an iPhone-specific version that will let you browse products by catigory, view specials, and get a list of approved $4 prescriptions. Read More

TiVo Launches iPhone Web App TiVo Launches iPhone Web App(0)

TiVo is hopping on the iPhone bandwagon by launching the public beta for a new web app that will let you “browse, search and discover” TV shows on any platform and in any browser. Users can set their TiVo DVR remotely from anywhere with the app, and search by actor, title, director, and keyword, as well as browse Daily Recommendations and Most Popular. It also has an “If you like this…” tool for finding new shows. Read More

Google Updates Mobile Site With Maps, Click-To-Call Google Updates Mobile Site With Maps, Click-To-Call(0)

Google has re-optomized their search results for their iPhone-formatted search page. Searching Google used to involve a lot of scrolling left and right in addition to up and down, but they’ve changed the way they’re formatted on the page to make the browsing experience on the iPhone and iPod touch a bit easier. Read More

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