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Sprint ZTE Peel officially announced, adds a little 3G to your iPod touch Sprint ZTE Peel officially announced, adds a little 3G to your iPod touch(0)

As expected, Sprint’s just announced the ZTE Peel for the iPod touch will arrive on November 14th. The $79 slider case for Apple’s media player features a built-in mobile WiFi hotspot, essentially turning your iPod into a bulky iPhone without a native phone or SMS app. Of course, you’ll still be stuck paying Sprint for a $29/mo data plan, but you’ll be able to connect up to two devices to the Peel’s WiFi as well, so that’s a plus. Another big plus: since the iPod thinks it’s on WiFi, you’ll be Read More

Sprint ad shows iPhone using WiMAX… via Overdrive Sprint ad shows iPhone using WiMAX… via Overdrive(0)

Your existing iPhone (yeah, even the original) can surf the information superhighway at 4G speeds. Today. Who knew, right? Sprint’s Overdrive — which creates a WiFi hotspot that enables nearby devices to cruise on Clear’s 4G (or 3G, if you’re not in a 4G locale) network — can theoretically enable any WiFi-capable phone to surf on WiMAX, but Sprint’s taking a pretty bold approach by actually touting the feature in a new spot. Befuddled? Hop on past the break and mash play. Too bad Read More

AT&T Comes in Last in Consumer Reports Study That Surprises No One AT&T Comes in Last in Consumer Reports Study That Surprises No One(0)

Here’s some news anyone with an iPhone could have told you: AT&T delivers crappy service that its customers hate. But this news comes from a reputable source, Consumer Reports, instead of the usual whiny friends.

Yes, in 19 of the 26 cities surveyed, AT&T was ranked dead last in every category. Verizon was ranked the best, followed by T-Mobile, then Sprint and then, of course, bringing up the rear is our friend AT&T.

You’ve got to wonder if Apple can afford to stick this exclusivity contract out another year, what with decent competitors such as the Droid and the Pre now available. AT&T is as big a black mark on Apple’s customer service reputation as they’ve ever had. And hell, for AT&T’s sake it’d be nice to see some other carriers share the burden of iPhone data hogs.

[9 to 5 Mac]

FCC formally launches inquiry into wireless competition FCC formally launches inquiry into wireless competition(0)

Well, we can’t say we didn’t see this one coming. At today’s meeting, the FCC has said that it will be launching a formal inquiry into the wireless industry and specifically into certain business practices of the big four: AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile USA , and Verizon Wireless. The commission hasn’t yet detailed exactly how they’re going to go about this, but you can bet they’ll be looking into exclusivity deals between handset manufacturers and carriers. And who knows? They might be interested

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Sprint Buys Virgin Mobile Because It Apparently Had $483 Million Lying Around Sprint Buys Virgin Mobile Because It Apparently Had $483 Million Lying Around(0)

Sprint’s picking up Virgin Mobile in a deal worth $483 million. Virgin Mobile, if you recall, is an MVNO that runs on Sprint and bought Helio earlier. They’re going to mash it up with their Boost Mobile for MVNO funtimes.

The idea, apparently, is to strengthen Sprint’s prepaid business, or something like that. Now I really can’t wait to see their quarterly earnings. Updated to reflect it’s a stock deal.


What AT&T’s 7.2Mbps Network Really Means What AT&T’s 7.2Mbps Network Really Means(0)

AT&T’s contribution to the improved overall speed of the iPhone 3GS—their upgraded 7.2Mbps network—is nearly as important as Apple’s. But 7.2 is just a number, and AT&T’s network is just one of many. Here’s where it actually stands.

First, a direct translation: AT&T’s upgraded (or more accurately, upgrading) 3G network claims data download rates of 7.2 megabits per second. Though that’s the lingo used to describe bandwidth, it’s important to remember that those are not megabytes. AT&T’s impressive-sounding 7.2 megabits would yield somewhere closer to .9 megabytes (900 kilobytes) per second, and that’s only if you’re getting peak performance, which you never will because…

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