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WinterBoard Updated for iOS 5 WinterBoard Updated for iOS 5(0)

Saurik has updated WinterBoard to be compatible with iOS 5.

WinterBoard provides hooks that let graphics artists safely and simply theme almost anything in Apple’s OS, including third party software downloaded from App Store. Multiple theme packages can be installed at once using the configuration interface: simply drag themes into a priority order.

WinterBoard was designed to accept SummerBoard themes without modification but is much more powerful than its predecessor and can theme almost any graphic on the system. You can even easily modify .artwork files without having to hack their contents, all from the safety of your theme folder.
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iPhone & iPad Carriers Shocked With iMessage Announcement iPhone & iPad Carriers Shocked With iMessage Announcement(0)

Apple did not inform cellular carriers that it was planning to launch a new messaging service.

(A well-informed little birdie tells me that Apple’s phone carrier partners around the world found out about iMessages when we did: during today’s keynote.) Read More

iPad 3G Hacked to Enable Full Phone and SMS iPad 3G Hacked to Enable Full Phone and SMS(0)

The iPad 3G has been hacked to enable full phone and SMS functionality by iPhoneIslam.

A hack that will change the game. Can you imagine turning your iPad to a fully functional phone.

With No Special Hardware all what you need is Jailbroken iPad 3G and your iPad 3G will do anything you expect from iPhone… Phone Calls, SMS, FaceTime by Phone Number… ETC

iPhoneIslam was behind the FaceIt3GS tweak as well. While they have no released date for PhoneItiPad. It will apparently be available on the Cydia Store ‘very soon’.

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GV Mobile + Releases Google Voice for the iPad GV Mobile + Releases Google Voice for the iPad(0)

GV Mobile +, the first Google Voice app for the iPhone, has been updated with support for the iPad.

GV Mobile + allows users of Google Voice to do the following with ease:



? picture messaging
? push notifications
? group messaging
? dial numbers via the iPhone address book, entering on the keypad, or choosing from the internal favorites
? send, retrieve, and delete SMS messages
? retrieve and delete recent call history
? playback and delete voicemails
? take calls from different phones other than your iPhone
? enable, disable, add, or delete the phones that Google Voice forwards calls to
? much, much more
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AT&T is Cracking Down on MyWi Users AT&T is Cracking Down on MyWi Users(0)

AT&T is reportedly cracking down on use of MyWi, a Cydia tweak used to create a personal hotspot using your iPhone, according to ModMyi.

One user notes that AT&T first contact him with an SMS saying, “AT&T Free Msg: Did you know tethering your Smartphone to a computer requires a tethering plan? Pls call 888-860-6789 for details or visit”

The SMS was then followed up with an email that warned he would be switched to the Read More

Amazon Launches New Deals App for iPhone Amazon Launches New Deals App for iPhone(0)

Amazon Deals is a new app that helps customers stay up-to-date with Amazon Gold Box Deals. Amazon Deals for iPhone lets you check availability of current offers, schedule reminders, and purchase Lightning Deals and Gold Box Deals of the Day.

Lightning Deals represent significant discounts beyond’s everyday low prices on a wide variety of products for just a short period of time and a limited quantity.

Amazon Deals features:
? Up to date Deal of the Day and Lightning Deal offers and availability status
? Ability to purchase deals via Amazon’s secure mobile shopping experience
? View the day’s calendar of deal offers and set up alarms that remind you of individual deals
? Subscribe to Apple push notifications to receive alerts about future deals in specific categories
? Share great bargains you’ve found via e-mail, SMS, Facebook or Twitter

You can download Amazon Deals from the Read More

Need Google Voice for iPad & iPod Touch Need Google Voice for iPad & iPod Touch(0)

Google has announced an update to its Google Voice app that brings support for the iPad and iPod touch.

While you can’t use your iPod or iPad as a phone, you can use it to initiate Google Voice calls with your phones. We call this feature Click2Call. Simply click any ‘Call’ button in the Google Voice app on your iPod or iPad and then select which of your phones you want to ring. Google Voice will call your phone and then Read More

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