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Comcast Xfinity remote for iPad Comcast Xfinity remote for iPad(1)

If you’ve got Comcast service and an iOS device, there’s no reason you can’t download the brand spanking new Xfinity TV DVR remote app right now, but it won’t have the software’s spiffiest feature — direct-to-device streaming video. That’s set to roll out in either “a couple of weeks” or “by the end of the year,” depending on which Comcast representative you ask, and we got to try it for ourselves (along with the rest of the app) at the Web 2.0 Summit this week. Right now the featureset is fairly limited — you just pick programs from a guide and either watch them, beam them to your TV, or tell your DVR to record — but what is there was leagues more intuitive than a physical remote and about as responsive as we could hope for. Comcast tells us that Apple itself helped insure the user experience was polished, and it showed in every swipe and tap we made. Find out more and watch the app in action after the break!

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Bang & Olufsen BeoSound 8 welcomes iPads, iPhones and iPods Bang & Olufsen BeoSound 8 welcomes iPads, iPhones and iPods(0)

iPod and iPhone users aren’t exactly bereft of choice for places to dock their audio transporters, but what if you prefer to keep your music collection on your iPad? Okay, actually there are a couple of options for you out there as well, but few will be quite as bodacious (or as expensive, we’re sure) as Bang & Olufsen’s latest. The BeoSound 8 straps a pair of cones to a connecting bar, adds some feet, a wall bracket, and a remote control, and sends you home to enjoy some “outstanding sound performance.” USB and auxiliary line-in connectors are available if you’re not dancing to Steve Jobs’ tune, while the body can be had in white or black and the speaker covers come in a variety of colors to express your individuality with. Read More

Sprint ZTE Peel officially announced, adds a little 3G to your iPod touch Sprint ZTE Peel officially announced, adds a little 3G to your iPod touch(0)

As expected, Sprint’s just announced the ZTE Peel for the iPod touch will arrive on November 14th. The $79 slider case for Apple’s media player features a built-in mobile WiFi hotspot, essentially turning your iPod into a bulky iPhone without a native phone or SMS app. Of course, you’ll still be stuck paying Sprint for a $29/mo data plan, but you’ll be able to connect up to two devices to the Peel’s WiFi as well, so that’s a plus. Another big plus: since the iPod thinks it’s on WiFi, you’ll be Read More

iOS 4.2 coming Friday with iTunes and Mac OS X updates, sans AirPrint? iOS 4.2 coming Friday with iTunes and Mac OS X updates, sans AirPrint?(0)

We knew it was coming, and now we’re hearing from MacStories (and their source at AT&T, who was probably wearing a trench coat and fedora) that iOS 4.2 for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad will roll out beginning this Friday, November 12, at 10AM PST. Of course, in order to take advantage AirPlay we’ll have to see an update to iTunes as well, which is good because iTunes 10.1 is rumored to be coming tomorrow today at some point. But that ain’t all! It seems that the website of note for Mac stories has been hearing from devs that references to AirPrint have been disappearing from online documentation in the iOS developer center, leading to speculation that Mac OS X 10.6.5 (also rumored to hit tomorrow today) will not Read More

VLC Media Player App Now Available for the iPhone & iPod Touch VLC Media Player App Now Available for the iPhone & iPod Touch(0)

If you like your players orange and portable but don’t have a tablet, you may be in luck. The VLC Media Player app, which recently made the iPad a little more codec-friendly, is now available in the App Store for the iPhone (4 and 3GS) and iPod touch. This new version is also said to support even more file types, offer better performance, and allows for the deletion of files right through its own interface. It’s available now, so get downloading — your classic cartoons await. Read More

iPhone Napster app iPhone Napster app(0)

Before the iPhone, the iPod, and iTunes, there was Napster. The original gangster of digital music distribution has undergone many changes since its heyday as a pirate’s Shangri-La, though this latest one seems to be the most fitting. A new app for the aforementioned iOS devices as well as the iPad has been launched, giving you the full Napster experience in a more portable form factor. That means that for $10 a month you can stream and cache music from a library of 10 million songs — yes, offline listening is available too — essentially turning your iDevice into the Apple equivalent of a Zune Pass-equipped music station. Good times ahead, eh sailor?

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Apple relaxes App Store rules, C64 emulator for iOS gets BASIC Apple relaxes App Store rules, C64 emulator for iOS gets BASIC(0)

If you weren’t already convinced that Apple is seriously easing back on some of its more annoying App Store restrictions with the appearance of titles like GV Voice (a Google Voice client), this news might help. After a wild ride of ping-pong approvals and pulls, Manomio’s C64 emulator has reappeared in the Store with its BASIC interpreter fully intact, and available for your coding pleasure. We’ve tested the software and can confirm that you will indeed be able to revisit your youth (provided your youth took place in the early 80′s) via the newest version of the software. Of course, it’s not super fun to program using the tiny, virtual C64 keyboard provided onscreen, but couple this with a Bluetooth keyboard of your choosing, Read More

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