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How to Jailbreak Your iPhone 4 With RedSn0w [5.1.1] [Windows] How to Jailbreak Your iPhone 4 With RedSn0w [5.1.1] [Windows](0)

This guide on how to jailbreak your iPhone 4 on the 5.1.1 firmware using RedSn0w in Windows.

Upgrading your iPhone to iOS 5.1.1 through iTunes will update your baseband, potential removing or ruining your chances for an unlock. Please follow this tutorial on how to update to iOS 5.1.1 using a custom ipsw if you need an unlock. Remember to save your SHSH Blobs.

Step One
Create a folder on your desktop called Pwnage Read More

Navigon MobileNavigator Car Kit with Live Traffic Navigon MobileNavigator Car Kit with Live Traffic(0)

Navigon has announced an update to its MobileNavigator Traffic Live feature and introduced a new car kit at MacWorld 2011.

Traffic Live is a feature available to Navigon MobileNavigator users via an in-app purchase for the GPS-based navigation app. The latest update will boost road coverage by 76 percent to more than 200,000 miles of North American roads, according to Navigon. More significant, the update includes more than 87,000 miles of secondary roads like city streets. That Read More

Monitors your heart rate with iPhonECG case Monitors your heart rate with iPhonECG case(0)

CES isn’t just about incrementally thinner or faster hardware, you know. Some people like to bring legitimately innovative ideas to the show, such as this iPhonECG case, which does what its name suggests: it takes an ECG (electrocardiogram) reading of your heart’s activity through a pair of electrodes and then communicates its findings to an iPhone 4 it can be attached to. We say it can be attached to an iPhone as communication is done wirelessly, so you’ll probably be able to monitor your ticker’s rhythm without the Applephone pressed Read More

iPhone 4 Aigo’s battery case iPhone 4 Aigo’s battery case(0)

The Aigo aiPower i616 claims to “almost double” battery life, a hidden USB ribbon cable for both charging and data built right into the case. Should you want for a longer sync cable than it provides on its own, there’s also a second microUSB port built into the left side, as well as a switch for the external 1500mAh battery and a handy button to display its current level of charge. Not bad for a pleasantly comparable 125.8 x 62.6 x 17.25mm, nor the $80 asking price.

If you’re looking for something a little more svelte, however, the $60 InCase Snap Battery might be more to your liking — it adds a 900mAh battery in a soft-touch frame that InCase claims is the slimmest around. We can’t say it looks like Read More

iOS 4.2 supports new tech to reduce network congestion iOS 4.2 supports new tech to reduce network congestion(0)

One of the world’s top suppliers of cellular infrastructure, Nokia Siemens, has dropped some juicy knowledge today that Apple’s new iOS 4.2 update supports a technology called network-controlled fast dormancy that better optimizes how the phone connects to the network. The company touts that it’s a win-win — better battery life, less unnecessary network utilization — and also points out that Nokia implemented the technique in all of its smartphones starting earlier this year. Since network-controlled fast dormancy is a feature that benefits the network itself as much as it benefits the individual user, knocking out two power players like Nokia and Apple (over half of new smartphone sales, Read More

BoxWave’s Keyboard Buddy turns your iPhone 4 into the Droid BoxWave’s Keyboard Buddy turns your iPhone 4 into the Droid(0)

Suffering from a little bit of Droid envy? It happens to even the most loyal of iPhone users, and now BoxWave is stepping in to make your life almost complete (we say “almost” because there’s still no native Gmail client for the iPhone, and all your tears aren’t going to solve that). The BoxWave Keyboard Buddy Case is just what it sounds like, a Bluetooth keyboard embedded in an iPhone 4 case, only instead of flipping out like the Read More

Joby’s Gorillamobile for iPhone 4 Joby’s Gorillamobile for iPhone 4(0)

Are you ready for a barrage of Apple-specific peripherals from the labs of Joby? Can’t say we are either, but they’re coming regardless. Today, the famed creator of the original Gorillapod has pumped out a seriously overhauled version of the Gorillamobile, with this one designed to work specifically (and only) with the iPhone 4. The real difference here is the inclusion of a bumper case (no, not that Bumper case), which slides in perfectly to an accompanying rail attachment on the Read More

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