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iPod Nano Aluminum LunaTik Lynk Watchband iPod Nano Aluminum LunaTik Lynk Watchband(0)

Scott Wilson has announced a new, all aluminum, premium version of his LunaTik watchband for the iPod nano, called Lynk.

The original LunaTik premium conversion kit is now available for pre-order in an all aluminum version called Lynk. The Lynk is available in silver or black and features the same aerospace grade aluminum frame as the original LunaTik, but the silicone band has been upgraded to an anodized aluminum band with a silicone underbelly and full butterfly clasp. The Blackout version will feature PVD plated buckles and hardware as well as a black clasp. The Lynk band’s lightweight construction offers the comfort of silicone against the skin, combined with the look of precision-machined aluminum. Read More

iPhone 4S Carriers: Verizon Most Reliable, AT&T Fastest iPhone 4S Carriers: Verizon Most Reliable, AT&T Fastest(0)

iPhone 4S carrier testing performed by Metrico Wireless found that Verizon wireless is the most reliable and AT&T is the fastest, according to LRM.

Metrico did its first round of tests back in March on the iPhone 4 with AT&T and Verizon. But, now that all three carriers have Apple Inc.’s latest 4s iPhone, the vendor spent the past month performing more than 21,000 Web-page downloads, 8,000 download/upload tests and 6,000 voice calls on real and simulated networks, stationary and in motion.
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Unlock Any iPhone, Any Carrier, Remotely Forever For $169.99 Unlock Any iPhone, Any Carrier, Remotely Forever For $169.99(0)

CutYourSim is offering a permanent and “legit” remote unlock for any iPhone on any carrier for $169.99.

We are now able to offer the first permanent remote iPhone unlocking solution. It is very easy, and can be done with three simple steps.

Our turnaround time is typically anywhere from 2-5 days for the iPhone. It may be quicker, but please expect this time frame.

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Diamond  iPad 2 Will Cost You £5,000,000 Diamond iPad 2 Will Cost You £5,000,000(0)

Stuart Hughes has announced the ‘iPad 2 Gold History Edition’ which features 12.5 cts of flawless diamonds and a £5,000,000 price tag.

Undoubtedly the world’s most unique gadget is the iPad 2 Gold History Edition. Encrusted with 12.5 cts of ‘I’F’ Flawless diamonds, a magnificent total of 53 individually set sparkling gems dwell beautifully in solid 24ct Apple logo with rear section formed again in 24ct gold weighing an immense 2,000 grams. The unrivaled imagination towards the craftsmanship of the iPad Read More

iPad 2 Smart Cover iPad 2 Smart Cover(0)

Apple has designed a new cover for the iPad that attaches via magnets to keep your device safe without adding bulk.

The iPad has magnets built right into its frame — magnets that align perfectly with the Smart Cover hinge for an effortless fit. On the opposite side, magnets inside the Smart Cover help it stay put. It’s ingenious yet simple. Secure yet easy to Read More

Verizon iPhone will Launch on February 3rd? Verizon iPhone will Launch on February 3rd?(0)

BGR has confirmed with a source close to Apple that employee vacation requests between February 3rd and February 6th are blocked.

Back in June of last year, Apple picked the dates of 24th to the 27th for its iPhone 4 weekend launch — also a Thursday through Sunday. In addition, Verizon Wireless typically launches new devices on Thursdays. While BGR has not yet confirmed that the Verizon iPhone is the device we’ll see debut on the 3rd, the timing lines up very well with previous reports; no other Apple products have been rumored to be launching in this time frame.

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Hidden API Enables AirPlay to Apple TV From Third Party Apps Hidden API Enables AirPlay to Apple TV From Third Party Apps(0)

A hidden API to enable AirPlay video support in third party apps has been found by Steven Troughton-Smith.

The search began with Erica Sadun…

When Apple announced its new iOS 4.2 feature set, Apple TV’s AirPlay video service really caught our attention. That’s why we were particularly disappointed when 4.2 debuted on Monday — only Apple’s own applications could ship video from iDevices to the 2nd generation Apple TV; third party applications were limited to audio transport only.

Erica succeeded in posting the demo video below; however, Steven Troughton-Smith managed to fine a one line solution.

“Yes, it still won’t be App Store safe, but it’s jailbreak friendly, works flawlessly, and suggests only a single item that Apple could move to a Read More

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