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Find My iPhone Can Now Notify You Find My iPhone Can Now Notify You(0)

Find My iPhone has been updated to be able  to notify you when your devices come online / connected.

If you lose your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch while on the go, simply install the Find My iPhone app on another iOS device, launch it, and sign in with your Apple ID (Find My iPhone must already be configured on the missing device).

You’ll see your device’s location on a map and you can choose to have it display a message or play a sound, remotely lock the device, or wipe it to permanently delete all of your data if you think that it won’t be returned. For added security, the app will automatically sign you out after 15 minutes, or you can manually sign out at any time.
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iPhone 4 Skydives and Survives iPhone 4 Skydives and Survives(0)

U.S. Air Force Combat Controller Ron Walker accidentally dropped his iPhone 4 out of a plane while working as a Jump Master, according to iLounge.

Walker is responsible for ensuring that the plane is in correct position before sending parachute jumpers out. When he stuck his body out of the plane to look for landmarks the phone came out of his pocket and took flight.

Once on the ground, Mr. Walker shared the story with his co-workers, and ended up downloading the Find My iPhone app onto a friend’s phone. Within roughly a minute, the app had found his phone, which was roughly two miles away in a wooded area between a two-lane highway and a lake. Plotting the phone’s position on maps, Mr. Walker and a friend headed out on ATVs to see if they could track the phone down, if only so Mr. Walker could attempt to back up his Read More

Find My Mac Could Be Coming to OS X Find My Mac Could Be Coming to OS X(0)

References found in the developer preview of Mac OS X Lion reveal that Apple has been testing a new Find My Mac feature, according to 9to5Mac.

The details are scarce at this point, but we have found references to a Find my Mac service deep down in the 10.7 file system. The actual system files don’t tell us much besides the name, but they do share this Lion build number: 11A372z.

That build number appears to be an internal seed, meaning Apple has been playing around with this Find my Mac feature internally, but swiped it Read More

Find My Friends Feature Coming with firmware update Find My Friends Feature Coming with firmware update(0)

MacRumors has found references to a new ‘Find My Friends’ feature in iOS 4.3.

Some further digging into the newly released iOS 4.3 developer build has revealed settings for a new feature called “Find My Friends”. The strings are associated with the Settings app and is related to “MobileMe”. The obvious interpretation is that Apple may be looking to offer a location-based friend-finding service like Loopt and Google Latitude.

The new iOS 4.3 beta seems to providing many tidbits of interest. We’ll keep you up to date as Read More

Police Chase After Using Find My iPhone Police Chase After Using Find My iPhone(0)

Find My iPhone user managed to track his stolen car using the service but the thief managed to slip out of his handcuffs and run over the arresting police officer. Find My iPhone was again used to bring an end to this dramatic story.

Pretty amazing Christmas Story! Early this morning my 2005 Land Rover was stolen from the Marriott in Wichita Falls TX. The local police put me on hold, transferred me around and did nothing. My iPhone was in the car in between the seats and turned on. I tracked it using MobileMe Find My Phone to HWY 287 on the way to Decatur. When they exited the highway and headed on a Farm road for Justin TX a few miles away, I contacted the Justin Police and with the help of a very savvy operator we pinpointed the car at a Sonic. While I was on the phone with her, she said the officer sees your car and is going to make the arrest. A few minutes later she frantically calls me to start tracking the car again. The Read More

WWDC 2009 Rumor Smash: Some Were Right, Most Were SUCK! WWDC 2009 Rumor Smash: Some Were Right, Most Were SUCK!(0)

Though Jesus debunked a number of the more fun WWDC rumors—what’s a “unibody” iPhone?—in his sober-light-of-day roundup last Friday, it’s nice to run through them all, to see how many rumors were true, and how many were smashable.

iPhone Rumors
The biggest batch of rumors had to do with the phone, and man were some of them off base:

• “iPhone Video” name? NOPE

• “iPhone 3GS” name? YEP

• Video shooting? YEP Read More

iPhone OS 3.0: News and Rumor Roundup before WWDC iPhone OS 3.0: News and Rumor Roundup before WWDC(0)

Apple gave us a glimpse of iPhone OS 3.0 at a special event in March and announced more than 100 new features in iPhone OS 3.0. Since then, Apple has released five beta versions of iPhone
OS 3.0, which has revealed some interesting details in the latest iPhone OS 3.0.
With WWDC less than a day away, there are chances that Apple might release iPhone OS 3.0 as early as tomorrow at WWDC.
In this article, we have tried to cover almost every news and rumor that revolved around the iPhone OS 3.0 including the preview event to give you a summary of what to expect.

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