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iPhone Dev-Team Updates RedSn0w Fixing Several Issues iPhone Dev-Team Updates RedSn0w Fixing Several Issues(0)

The iPhone Dev-Team has released an update to RedSn0w fixing several issues with the older version.

Version b5b fixes an issue with using custom ramdisks on iPhone3G and iPod2G, and version b5c prevents redsn0w from crashing due to the ever-growing ramdisk size .
TIP: If auto-detection fails and redsn0w tells you no identifying data was found, you can always pre-select the appropriate 5.0.1 IPSW using “Extras->Select IPSW”.

You can download RedSn0w from below Read More

djay for Mac Gets A Huge Update djay for Mac Gets A Huge Update(0)

djay, a popular app that turns your Mac into a full DJ system, has received a major update which brings Waveforms, Audio FX, Harmonic Match, and more.
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FireCore Releases aTV Flash Beta5 FireCore Releases aTV Flash Beta5(0)

FireCore has released aTV Flash (black) Beta5 for the Apple TV which brings improvements to its media player including SMB streaming, photo slideshows, basic video playlists, ‘Favorites’ section, individual photo browsing and viewing, and more.

What’s new in Beta5?
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Testicular Cancer Checker iPhone App Testicular Cancer Checker iPhone App(0)

Testicular Cancer Checker provides reminder alerts for men to examine themselves for testicular cancer, thereby catching any suspicious changes early enough for easiest treatment. For men who aren’t sure how to do self-exams, the app also provides instruction for properly performing an examination. Testicular Cancer Checker is free of charge.

When reading about the new app, there are two points to keep in mind. One is that, while testicular cancer represents only one per cent of all cancers in men, it is also the single biggest cause of cancer-related deaths in men aged 15-35 Read More

iRadar Device and iPhone App Provide Laser – Radar Detection iRadar Device and iPhone App Provide Laser – Radar Detection(0)

The iRadar smart detection system integrates with its free app to provide visual alerts and notifications for speed and redlight cameras, dangerous intersections, and known speed traps. It detects all radar and laser guns, so no nasty surprises on your road-trip.

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TinyUmbrella Gets Updated With Totally Redesigned UI TinyUmbrella Gets Updated With Totally Redesigned UI(0)

Tiny Umbrella, a tool by Semaphore which helps you save your SHSH Blobs, has been updated with a totally redesigned UI and new features

What’s New in 4.1.8:

? Totally redesigned UI for all platforms (inspired by chpwn refined by me)
o Original artwork by iOPK of Chronic Dev Team
o Spinny Icon code (thanks to technomage)
o Quaqua look and feel (sorry mac only due to license restrictions)
o Much cleaner look and feel all around
? Known Devices!
o Now all devices detected by TinyUmbrella are saved for future use!
o You can remove them as well (Right click -> delete from history)
o You can save SHSH with known devices as well (No more requirement for the device to be connected)
? Recovery Devices
o If you connect a device in recovery mode you can still kick it out of recovery (Right click -> Kick out of recovery)
? Save SHSH now saves ALL SHSHs available at Cydia with one button press!
? Preferences
o Change SHSH save directory
? Proxies (Web and Socks) for those that need them!
? Better port 80 detection.
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Apple Files iPod/iPhone Customer Abuse Detection Method Patent Apple Files iPod/iPhone Customer Abuse Detection Method Patent(0)

A recently-published Apple patent suggests that the company is developing a more sophisticated method of telling whether a device such as an iPod or iPhone has been abused by its owner. According to AppleInsider, the patent, entitled “Consumer Abuse Detection System and Method,” describes a system of water, thermal, shock, and other sensors that may detect and record potential device abuse, while at the same time disabling certain components such as screens, hard drives, processor memory, and/or removable media in order to protect them from damage.

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