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Use Apple TV 2 as a Web Server Use Apple TV 2 as a Web Server(0)

Mac Mini Vault has converted an Apple TV 2 into a web server to see how well it will perform.

One of the fun projects going on at Mac Mini Vault is our Apple TV webserver. As much as we’d love to see how many Apple TV’s we could mount into a data center cabinet, it will never be a sustainable service to offer. This project was a fun way to see how far we could take the A4 powered Apple TV. The Apple TV is running iOS 4.2.2 (obviously jailbroken) with lighttpd for a web server. Read More

iOS 5, iPad 2 on March 2nd iOS 5, iPad 2 on March 2nd(0)

Apple will reportedly reveal iOS 5 alongside a new A5 iPad 2 with 512MB of RAM at its March 2nd event, according to Engadget sources.

The iPad 2 won’t get that SD card slot and Retina Display as previously rumored due to “engineering issues”, say sources that have been “dead right” in the past.

That SD card slot and higher resolution display won’t make it into the new model (the latter we’d been hearing rumblings about for a little while). What’s the cause of the switch? Well our sources weren’t crystal clear on the exact reasons, Read More

Total Redesigned iPhone 5, Retina Display iPad, 1080p Apple TV? Total Redesigned iPhone 5, Retina Display iPad, 1080p Apple TV?(0)

Apple’s iPhone 5 will get a complete redesign, the iPad will get a Retina Display, and the Apple TV will get 1080p video, according to an Engadget report.

The site claims to have concrete information from reliable sources about the upcoming devices.

iPad 2
Apparently the temp designs which have received so much press coverage of late are very early versions of the device and contrary to rumor, the new iPad will arrive in April. The display will sport a new technology similar to the Retina Display and be “super high resolution”. It will get front and rear cameras, and feature an SD slot. “In fact, see that weird notch in the photo Read More

Apple’s iPhone 5 and iPad 2 upgraded to Dual-Core CPU Apple’s iPhone 5 and iPad 2 upgraded to Dual-Core CPU(0)

An analyst at Rodman & Renshaw claims that the upcoming Apple iPad 2 will feature a dual-core CPU to compete with the likes of RIM PlayBook, and the Android “Honeycomb” based Motorola Tablet.
The analyst said:

Apple is on track to refresh the iPad by March and iPhone by late summer. A key component upgrade across these platforms will be a dual-core processor featuring a pair of 1GHz ARM Cortex A9 cores.

If this happens, it will be the first iOS product from the Cupertino-based company to sport a dual-core chip. And since both the current iPad and iPhone 4 shares same A4 CPU, it will be a no brainer for Apple to include the same chip in iPhone 5 that they are going to use in iPad 2.

The analyst also told CNET something about the Verizon iPhone:

iPhone volumes could also be maintained at the 15 million/quarter level through next year. The launch at Verizon could support an incremental 8 million units.

Gruber: Next iPhone To Have Beefier 600MHz CPU, Double RAM, More Storage Gruber: Next iPhone To Have Beefier 600MHz CPU, Double RAM, More Storage(0)

Today John Gruber weighed in with what he believes the next iPhone will be comprised of. In a nutshell, it’s everything we’ve been hearing recently, faster CPU, more RAM, more storage. However, Gruber believes that the next iPhone’s CPU will be the most significant change. He agrees with rumors that it will be increased from 400MHz to 600MHz, but the increase in speed will be greater than you’d assume from a 200MHz jump. Agreeing with today’s earlier rumor, Gruber believes that we’ll see a next generation CPU in the new iPhone.

Read More

Intel Corrects Statements On Apple’s ARM Processor Intel Corrects Statements On Apple’s ARM Processor(0)

An Intel executive was badmouthing the iPhone’s ARM processor yesterday, claiming it wasn’t powerful enough to run powerful apps and should’ve been replaced with an Intel chip instead. Now a higher ranking executive has corrected the comment in a public statement issued on the Intel website. Read More

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