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New Antenna Design for Verizon iPhone 4 New Antenna Design for Verizon iPhone 4(0)

Engadget reports that press shots for the Verizon iPhone show modifications to the antenna design for the new device. Notice the iPhone below has four notches in the metal band that surrounds the phone.

The Verizon iPhone uses a CDMA radio as opposed to GSM so its possible that the alteration may only be related to that change; however, it only makes sense that Apple would try to improve the antenna performance after Antennagate.

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Check Your AT&T iPhone 4 Eligibility Dates Check Your AT&T iPhone 4 Eligibility Dates(0)

AT&T may be moving up iPhone 4 eligibility dates for some customers in an effort to lock down as many contracts as possible before Verizon gets the iPhone.

MacStories reports, “My upgrade eligibility is not up until mid-February, 2011. I know because I check, often. It’s always been that … until today. I just got an email not 30 minutes ago from AT&T and is said that I am now eligible to upgrade to the new Apple iPhone 4. Why 2 months early? Could this indeed mean Verizon could be showing off their Read More

StayOpened Keeps the AppStore Open StayOpened Keeps the AppStore Open(0)

StayOpened is a new Cydia tweak by EvilPenguin that keeps the AppStore open while you install apps in the background.

Tired of the AppStore always closing after you start downloading an application?
Well that is no more! StayOpened keeps the AppStore opened while your applications download in the background!

StayOpened will also change the purchase conformation button before you install the application.

You can download StayOpened from the ModMyi Cydia Repository.

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TinyUmbrella Gets Updated With New Features, BugFixes TinyUmbrella Gets Updated With New Features, BugFixes(0)

TinyUmbrella, a tool by Semaphore which helps you save your SHSH Blobs, has been updated with many bugfixes and new features.

What’s New in Version 4.1.12
? Save All SHSHs – Click on ‘Show All SHSHs’ and the Save SHSH button changes to Save All SHSHs
? Exit Recovery – Right Click on a recovery device and ‘Exit Recovery’
? Change device name – Double click on a Known Device to change its name.

? When connecting a device, prefer my custom device name over the name set on the device – This preference will use the name(s) you set over the name found on the device. Useful for folks with many friends that have phones named ‘iphone’ Read More

ActionMenu Voice Adds Ability to Read SMS Aloud ActionMenu Voice Adds Ability to Read SMS Aloud(0)

ActionMenu Voice has added the ability to read SMS and MMS; as well as, volume, speed, and pitch settings.

An Action Menu Plugin to read out the selected text on your iDevice. You can change language and locale in Settings

What’s New In This Version:
? Refined the language settins.
? Added volume, speed and pitch settings.
? Added support for reading SMS/MMS
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Geohot is Back With a New Limera1n Jailbreak! Geohot is Back With a New Limera1n Jailbreak!(0)

Geohot has suddenly appeared back on the jailbreak scene with a new bootrom exploit he is calling limera1n.

Geohot posted a picture on of four iDevices displaying the limera1n logo.

P0sixninja has since confirmed that it is real:

yes, the news about geohot is true, the day after we release ETA he decides he wants a piece of the #pie

and yes it is a different bootrom exploit, he wants us to use it in GP, but there’s no way we’ll make our ETA if we do
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Make Your iPhone / iPod touch’s App Icons Glow with “Glowing App Icons” Make Your iPhone / iPod touch’s App Icons Glow with “Glowing App Icons”(0)

Here is a shiny (pun intended) new application called Glowing App Icons that enables you to make your own radically distinctive and unequaled wallpapers and that too with glowing app icons!

Computer enthusiasts tend to change their gadget’s wallpaper everyday. I, too, am afflicted of the change-wallpaper-every-day-of-the-week condition as I cannot bear having the same background day in, day out. I use Mabilo Wallpapers on my HTC Desire to regularly change wallpapers and am quick to bookmark any list-based background post. (check this one out by aleptu)

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