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FCC formally launches inquiry into wireless competition FCC formally launches inquiry into wireless competition(0)

Well, we can’t say we didn’t see this one coming. At today’s meeting, the FCC has said that it will be launching a formal inquiry into the wireless industry and specifically into certain business practices of the big four: AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile USA , and Verizon Wireless. The commission hasn’t yet detailed exactly how they’re going to go about this, but you can bet they’ll be looking into exclusivity deals between handset manufacturers and carriers. And who knows? They might be interested

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Apple, the FCC, and the sideloading solution Apple, the FCC, and the sideloading solution(0)

As Engadget’s resident former attorney, my first instinct when I sat down to re-read Apple, AT&T’s and Google’s FCC filings regarding Google Voice was to put on my lawyer hat and try to find inconsistencies that might shed some additional light on what had actually happened — if Apple’s account differed from AT&T’s, for example, perhaps those subtle differences would reveal the actual truth. This proved to be much more difficult than I had imagined, however: not only had Google redacted the most interesting part of its statement, I came to a profound realization after just a few moments of work.
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Official Apple iPhone Unlock Possible!?! Official Apple iPhone Unlock Possible!?!(0)

It is possible to have an iPhone unlocked via Apple
rather than jailbreaking and running ultrasn0w according to Olly Farshi of

Being located out of Europe Farshi is subscribed to a carrier other than AT&T (of course). His carrier is Sonera in Finland and he bought an iPhone 3G with them last year when they were the fresh hot and new thing to have.

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AT&T Forcing Data Plans With All Smartphones Starting Sept. 6 AT&T Forcing Data Plans With All Smartphones Starting Sept. 6(0)

Planning to skimp on your smartphone’s data plan with AT&T? Not after September 6, you won’t—that’s when AT&T will be making all new smartphone buyers pick up a smartphone data plan to go with it. Updated.

We got a snapshot of the email that went out about the changes—read it and weep.


FCC to look into Google Voice, iPhone debacle next week? FCC to look into Google Voice, iPhone debacle next week?(0)

The FCC’s next open committee is on Thursday, and maybe — just maybe — we’ll be able to get to the bottom of this whole “App Store / Google Voice rejection” mess. First, the committee plans to look into ways to “foster innovation and investment in the wireless communications market,” issues related to “truth-in-billing,” and exclusivity agreements between carriers and handset manufacturers, which critics say punish consumers in rural areas that the “big four” (Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile) don’t serve.

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Survey: 97% of iPhone Owners Love Their iPhones; 55% Hate AT&T Survey: 97% of iPhone Owners Love Their iPhones; 55% Hate AT&T(0)

Here’s a shocker of a survey from ChangeWave Research: iPhone owners love their phones, but they hate the network it’s chained to. Are you listening, Apple?

Carton said that the latest ChangeWave survey, which polled nearly 200 owners of Apple’s newest iPhone model, the 3GS, showed a “near-perfect satisfaction rating” for the product. More than eight of every ten iPhone 3GS owners said they were “very satisfied” with the smartphone, while another 17% said they were “somewhat satisfied.”

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AT&T Is Unable to Prevent Hackers From Stealing Customer Data AT&T Is Unable to Prevent Hackers From Stealing Customer Data(0)

AT&T is dropping famed hacker-turned-security-expert Kevin Mitnick as a customer because it can’t seem to stop script kiddies from stealing his data. It’s clearly the easier solution, but is it the right one?UPDATED.

“They can’t seem to secure my account,” Mitnick told The Register. “And then instead of doing something about it, they try to kill the messenger and want to boot me off their network when all I want them to do is to secure my account so no one gets access to my phone records.”

Mitnick said the cellular account has been repeatedly breached over the years, despite a wide range of countermeasures he’s followed to prevent the attacks. In recent years, he’s committed the password to memory and has deliberately not shared it with anyone or kept it stored on a computer. …

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