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Apple Removes VLC From the App Store Apple Removes VLC From the App Store(0)

Apple has removed VLC from the App Store after receiving a formal notification of copyright infringement from VLC developers.

The notification of infringement was filed because Apple’s iTunes Terms and Conditions don’t allow users to install both free and paid apps on more than 5 devices. This goes against the original GNU license VLC’s code is based on.

VLC developer Rémi Denis-Courmont said, “At last, Apple has removed VLC media player from its application store. Thus the incompatibility between the GNU General Public License and the AppStore terms of use is resolved – the hard Read More

iPhone 4 Blood Pressure Monitor at CES iPhone 4 Blood Pressure Monitor at CES(0)

For those trapped in the hurricane that is CES, there’s probably no better product to have laying around than this… but only if you’re looking to confirm your suspicions about being in a high-stress career. Withings, the company best known for its connected scales, has just revealed the planet’s first iPhone-connected blood pressure monitor, with an aim to make measuring vitals as easy as pie for iOS users. The idea is fairly simple: just plug the arm band into your iPad, iPod touch or iPhone, dial up the gratis app and start the process. All of the Read More

StayOpened Keeps the AppStore Open StayOpened Keeps the AppStore Open(0)

StayOpened is a new Cydia tweak by EvilPenguin that keeps the AppStore open while you install apps in the background.

Tired of the AppStore always closing after you start downloading an application?
Well that is no more! StayOpened keeps the AppStore opened while your applications download in the background!

StayOpened will also change the purchase conformation button before you install the application.

You can download StayOpened from the ModMyi Cydia Repository.

Read More

Tascam Portastudio Four Track Recorder for iPad Tascam Portastudio Four Track Recorder for iPad(0)

If you’ve never experienced the joy of conveying four precisely-played tracks onto a single, rattly plastic cassette tape, prepare to see what you’ve been missing. The iconic Tascam Portastudio is coming to iPad in a very virtual way, a $10 app that presents a simplified replication of the original’s decidedly more tactile controls. You can mix four inputs to stereo output, which is stored on a pretend cassette — and can then share via iTunes or Soundcloud, which is rather more useful than a picture of a tape. It’s available right now for the iPad only, with no plans for a release on any other platform.

Viber VoIP iPhone app: 3G calling, no registration, and totally free Viber VoIP iPhone app: 3G calling, no registration, and totally free(0)

You know those voice minutes you’ve been coaxed into buying for, like, ever? Now would be an awesome time to bid ‘em adieu. Out of nowhere, Viber has swooped in to crush the dreams of Skype and every other VoIP provider out there, and if these guys can reach critical mass, avid iPhone users will certainly be able to buy a mobile plan with fewer minutes. It works as such: install the free app on your iPhone, provide just your phone number (no “registration” is necessary) and then fire it up. Viber uses your existing contact and favorites list, and you can make Viber or standard voice calls from within the app; naturally, a Viber logo pops up beside any contact who is also a user, making it easy Read More

Official Google Voice app for iPhone comes to the App Store Official Google Voice app for iPhone comes to the App Store(0)

A few weeks after third-party apps started filtering in, Google’s launched its own Google Voice app for the iPhone, and it looks to have all the most important features: call and text support, push notifications, and voicemail access (including transcriptions). It’s available right now — US only at the moment — on iPhones with iOS 3.1 or higher as long as you’ve got a valid Google Voice account set up… so get to it.

AppStore: For some reason, you need to search the App Store for “googlevoice,” not “google voice.” Weird, we know. Read More

White iPhone 4 evidence shows up in Apple Store app’s update? White iPhone 4 evidence shows up in Apple Store app’s update?(0)

So, you may or may not have noticed that this morning, Apple updated its own Apple Store app for the very first time, and version 1.1 has a little surprise. That’s right, in the ‘Reserve Products’ screen, the much delayed white iPhone 4 shows up as an option. Now, before you lose control of yourself, keep in mind that you can’t actually reserve one… yet. Of course, this could just be some sort of cruel glitch in the system, or it could be a tiny bit of evidence that the white iPhone is actually, finally on its way. At the very least, Read More

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