AT&T Sporadically Launching iPhone MMS Feature Before September 25th Start Date

AT&T not only may have been telling the truth about its upcoming MMS feature for the iPhone, but may be launching the feature ahead of schedule per MacRumors with The Unofficial Apple Weblog kicking in to say that several readers have reported that MMS has stated working for them.

The users have reported that upon installing updated carrier settings profile data to their iPhones, the results of which ranging from MMS actually working to accidentally removing Visual Voicemail and even the basic ability to make phone calls, most people were still unable to use MMS due to settings on their AT&T account which prevent iPhones from sending media messages and filter incoming messages through their web-based “Multimedia Messaging” platform.

Even so, MMS functionality seems to be working and reports are flowing in from around the country that MMS has started working in different markets. There are still quite a number of people out there that don’t have it yet, but it looks like AT&T is actually serious about meeting its stated September 25th deadline.

It’s also worth mentioning that the majority of users who have reported MMS as working have the “AT&T 5.0″ carrier profile installed, which is included as part of the iPhone 3.1 update.

If you’ve seen this on your iPhone, please let us know about your experience and where you’re located so we can take a closer look at it!


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