New iPod Touch, iPod Nano, iPhone firmware and more

iPod Touch, iPod Nano, iPhone, iPhone 3G, firmware update, Apple

At Apple’s “Let’s Rock” event Steve Jobs has announced a new iPod Nano and a redesign of the iPod Touch along with some other exciting new stuff. The second generation of the iPod Touch is thinner with a more slicker and curved design, a stainless steel back, a built-in speaker, an improved battery (36 hours for music, 6 hours for video), Genius playlist and integrated Nike+iPod support. For the 8GB version you pay $299, the 16GB costs $299 and the 32GB version costs $399.

iPod Touch, iPod Nano, iPhone, iPhone 3G, firmware update, Apple

And then there’s the new iPod Nano as well. It has a less grippy click-wheel, it’s faster and more responsive, it has an accelerometer, it looks nicer and it comes in a lot of different colors.

This friday we’ll be getting iPhone 2.1 firmware that has a few interesting new features. The battery life will be significantly better, you’ll experience less call drops, there’s a few bug fixes, Apps will crash less and you’ll be able to get backups faster to iTunes. There’s also iTunes 8 which features Genius playlists.

Steve Jobs announced that people have downloaded over 100 million applications from the App Store in just 60 days, and there are already 700 games available today. Phil Schiller, senior vice president of marketing, showed Real Soccer 2009, Need for Speed: Undercover and Spore Origins.


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